Need Help! My Cloud Home bricked!

My MyCloud Home stopped working about a month ago. The light on the front remains steady and you can hear the drive start up when connected to power, but unfortunately, my Windows 10 machine can no longer see it. I’ve been through multiple troubleshooting scenarios with WD over the phone, and their final word on the matter is to send it in for data recovery and replacement. I have about a terabyte of data, that consists of ALL my pictures my entire life, so obviously, I’m a little upset about the situation. Here’s where I need someone’s help. A year ago, my spouse retired and we moved to Mexico. The device was purchased in the US and WD will not send a replacement to Mexico. They can’t. Electronics are a big tax item here and cannot be shipped over the border. Mexican officials WILL confiscate it. So I need someone with a little patience that would be willing to walk me through saving my data. I have an adapter case for the drive that is compatible, but I know it’s more complicated than that. This is my only option. I will pay whoever helps me. Thanks! Brent

This is your best option