Need help : for WD BLUE 4To (2To disappeared)

And happy new year !
Il need help : my WD Blue 4To is now just 2 To
in management disk windows I have only one Disk of 1,6 To and nothing else
I have used AOMEI software in order to find a solution but nothing work
Could you help me ?
I can earse all data on this disk (already backup)
But I need to have my 4 To (and not 2 To)
Thanks for your help !!!

Firstly, 4TB Drives must be using a GPT (GUID Partition Table)

If it’s MBR Partition Table … the Maximum size will be 2TB

Secondly, if the 4TB is using a GPT Partition Table and is a “Boot Drive”

Then your PC must support UFEI Mode.

If your PC BIOS settings only support Legacy … then 2TB will be the Maximum size your PC supports as a “Boot Drive”