Problems with WD 4TB Blue using more than 2TB

I have tried to replace the 2TB drive in my PC with a WD 4TB Blue, the PC is using W10. I cloned the 2TB to the 4TB using a docking station , removed the 2TB and installed the 4TB. SO far so good, a perfect clone , PC boots and everything is there , I then discover its not that easy, anything over 2TB is a problem, to use the extra 2TB partitioning is required , which I do according to instruction on the WD web site. Still I cannot use the full drive , only 2TB… in the disk management this new 4TB drive is shown as Disk 0 Basic 3726.01 GB Online, with 4 partitions , First is 260 MB Healthy EFI, Second is OS(C:) 1861.91 GB NTSF Healthy ( Boot, Crash Dump, Basic Dat, third is 851 MB Healthy Recovery, and the Fourth as ,New Volume (D) 1863.00 GB NTFS Healthy (Page File Basic Data Partition., When I started importing my backlog of SD cards the last one stopped in mid import and displayed , Error transfer was not complete, try again. which I did with the same result… On checking My Computer the new drive is empty and the rest is full. there are blue bars over all. I am thinking I’ve done something wrong ( most likely ) or the drive is defective (least likely), I have put in many hours trying to fix this to no avail, I would think this is a common problem as most people are buying bigger drives to do the same thing. But anything I have found appears not. I have no idea what to do next , other than buy a bucket load of SD cards. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Check in disk manager to see if there are two partitions

you may need to also convert MBR to GTP to allow the disk to be one larger 4TB volume

Disk Manger shows 4 partitions ,I’m almost 100% sure that it is GTP not MBR , I think I’ve jumped this hurdle but not 100%, how would i check that?

Sorry to ask something I could goggle , which I did and yes it is GTP.

hmmm, you’ve deleted your post, that seems odd.
i’ve downloaded the program you suggested , it looks like it could work ,it certainly can do a lot of things.
i know what i’d like to accomplish ,namely being able to use my entire 4TB drive , i just don’t know from the myriad of choices from this program which will accomplish this.