NAS connection

For different reasons (incl. security), my NAS is not on the wireless LAN my WD TV Live connects to. As a consequence, the WD TV Live cannot “see” it.

May I suggest that, in a later firmware upgrade, this issue be adressed and the possibility given to get the WD TV Live connected to any known (IP adress) URL, as it  already can do with e.g.Youtube and Flickr.

I must say I don’t care much about Youtube and Flickr and I’d be much more happy being able to connect to my NAS !

I do hope my request falls into the limts of the WD TV Live technical possibilities.


Might be worth posting this in the “Ideas” forum (large image link top centre of the page), as this is a feature request.

Give it a more descriptive / appropriate title though, as the title of this thread makes it sound like yet another complaint about connectivity issues.  ;)

Thank you for your comment.

You will have guessed I’m a new bee on this forum !

I’ve done what you suggest and posted my request under “Ideas”.