Can't see my WD live TV HD on my home LAN

Hi everyone!

I’m using my WD TV live HD since 3 years now and works perfectly!

I just set a cabled LAN in my house, I set all IP addresses and all the pc that are connected to the lan work great! The only problem is that i cannot connect the WD. If I connect it directly on the modem-router it works great but as I connect it from another room via cable, is not working: it says that it cannot access the DNS (even though it is perfectly stetted).

I cannot see it on the lan also from my pc. I tried to install a previous firmware version but the only difference is that I can see it from my pc but cannot access to the files.

Does anyone have an idea to help me?

Thank you in advance for your hep!

You’re sure it’s in the same subnet? Is it in the same workgroup? So far, 1.05.04 appears to be the most stable firmware. Try a rollback to this and see if it works.