Networking problems

Hi Folks,

I need help, I have two WD LiveTV boxes, they both have the latest firmware but one box will see my hard drive over the network and the other will not.  The one that won’t see my hard drive did work at one point.  Then I travelled on business and took my laptop with me, and when I came back, the one troublesome box would not see my laptop or the hard drive over the network.  And now…I have gotten the box to see my laptop over the network, but it won’t see the files on the hard drive.  I have reset both boxes to original factory settings, and the troublesome box still won’t see the files over the network.  Both boxes show the files in different paths on the boxes - one has them under files, the other under videos.  The one that works sees things in the videos folder…

Any ideas?

Did you remember to name the boxes uniquely?