MyPassport drive fails in new MacBook

I just bought a new MacBook and used Time Machine with a WD My Passport external drive to transfer everything from my old desktop to my new laptop. All went well, but now, the external drive won’t work and fails all tests. I cannot access the drive or restore anything now. It won’t even show up on the desktop as an available drive. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

What OS X you are running? How is the HDD formatted? Is your hard drive showing or mounting in Disk Utility? Are you able to run “Disk Repair” on it?

Hi, thanks. I’m running the latest system, OSSierra, 10.12.
I’m not sure how the Drive is formatted, unfortunately. How do I find that info?

There has been a progressive lessening of how the drive appears/operates: I used it to “restore” my old desktop’s system to the MacBook, then updated to Sierra. Then, the drive appeared as my “TimeMachine Backups” disk as before. Then, I noticed that it wasn’t finishing updates. Then it stopped appearing on the desktop.

Disk Utility: If I have it plugged in, Disk Utility will not open. If I plug it back in afterward, it doesn’t appear.

Is it possible that I damaged it by pulling out the USB cable without ejecting the disk properly? Should I try to erase and reformat it? If so, should I format it HSF+J or ExFat?
Thank you!