MyPassport 1TB won't show under disk drives

Hello there,

I have a MyPassport 1TB which got a lot of data. I have been connecting it to my TV to watch saved videos. During a video playback, a message appeared saying “Loading” and the video won’t play.I tried to reconnect the USB interface cable to the TV. I get a message that the USB device has a problem.

Then, I connected it to my laptop (Win7). It is detected but won’t show up under disk drives. When I go to Disk Management, it says the disk is not initialized.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.


It is possible the partition is corrupted. If it says “not initialized” then you will have to format it in order to use it again. This of course will delete all data stored in it. To recover the data I recommend you run a data recovery software before formatting.

Thank you.
When I was trying to get the drive working, I think I “fixed” something with the data cable and the drive started working fine. However, it is not consistent. Does this mean the cable is nearing its end? Is there any specific cable I need to replace it with? My guess is that a USB-Micro-USB cable will work. Please correct me.
My drive is an older MyPassport.

Thank you again.