MyCloud's HDD spins up and down on its own

One more issue I need to sort out. I noticed that the NAS spins down the disc as it should with the “power save” option enabled only to spin it up at what seems to be random intervals.

I switched off the router it’s hooked up to but the issue seems to be internal: it still did and does, albeit perhaps less often.

I remember it spun down and stayed this way in the past only to switch to its current habit of awaking from sleep from time to time.

It’s kind of bad for the HDD to spin up and down too frequently, isn’t it? That is unless the disc is spinning 100% of the time, just slowing down while in the “sleep mode”.

Any hints on where to look for a solution?

Mine does the same thing, 2 PCs sleeping, no phones attached to My Cloud, TV is OFF, and in the middle of the night my cloud spins up, and 10 mins later goes back to sleep. It would be nice to know what wakes it up frequently to do something against it, because sometimes my wife wakes up for the spin up noise. :\

Is there a command for SSH to check what does wake it up?

That’s 10 minutes, exactly. NAS or … NSA? :wink:

I put this issue with the WD Support team last week. Still no answer, though. Did a bit of a research on the net to find out that this problem is common and has been so since … 2010.
One issue was apparently solved with Twonky server scan set to 0 (I’ll try to set it to, say, 8 - 12 hours - don’t put so much data on it to have it refresh the database too often).
Others call for deleting logfiles etc.

EDIT 1: I set Twonky to rescan database every 8 hrs or so. Didn’t help. Worse, I found out the disc goes to sleep for 10 minutes or so and runs for longer periods. Weird. I gues this didn’t happen when DLNA was off, but this is precisely why you buy such a NAS. This and backup.

EDIT 2: Still no reply from WD tech helpline. I wonder if to RMA it or return for refund (which is a tedious job here). Too bad the data took so long to back up and now I’d have to do it again.