Mycloudex2ultra is showing offline ion edge but online on chrome, at the same time?

I am trying to get MYcloud onto my laptop at home so I can access it through explorer. Since that seems to be impossible, I decided to logon to edge using a different monitor. Well ■■■■, it says the ultra is offline. Keep in my I am logged into it on chrome in real time. Does it allow only one log on? If so, how can I get the mycloud to show up on filer explorer on my home laptop? Very frustrating

It is not clear what you are trying to do. Are you trying to access a remote My Cloud or are you trying to access a My Cloud on the same local network?

For local network My Cloud access one typically would use Windows File Explorer to access the network device. One should check to ensure SMB1.0 is enabled in the Windows settings as Microsoft may disable this setting. One should also ensure the Windows Network Profile is set to Private and not Public. Further troubleshooting for local network issues is to temporarily disable any third party security and or firewall software to see if that software is affecting local network access.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

For remote access to a My Cloud device located on another network one typically uses the web portal. If one is unable to connect to their My Cloud using the web portal the first troubleshooting step is to ensure remote access/cloud access is enabled in the My Cloud Dashboard and that Cloud Access has been enabled for the User. See the My Cloud user manual for your device for more information on how to setup Cloud Access on your My Cloud device. See the Support menu option at the top of the page.

How to Access the Dashboard on a My Cloud Device

Note: See the following subforum where generally the My Cloud EX2 Ultra issues are discussed.

My Cloud EX Series

Thank you for the information,

I thought my request was clear. On my computer in my office, I can go straight to the mycloudex2ultra through file explorer by clicking on network, then clicking on the device. Then if I want to download and copy a document from an email for example, I can do it directly to the folder that way. Obviously I am on my local network at the office because that is where the device is located. But what about when I am at my home office, which is not on the same network? If you are saying I have to enable remote access, fine, I get that.

That does not explain why on Chrome I can access the device remotely but when I simultaneously tried to log on to it using edge, I was given a message that the device is offline…Is it because I cannot be logged into twice at the same time?

Is there a way to add Mycloud to my home computer so I can search for files using file explorer or is that just not allowed? I am trying to wean off of One Drive for better security, but Mycloud is not making that very easy…

Local network access and remote access are two completely different things. Local network access is typically accomplished using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder (if using a computer). For remote access to the My Cloud from a location that is not on the same local network as the My Cloud one is limited to a few methods of remote access including the web portal and using the WD My Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android.

One may be allowed only one log in (for each user account) at a time via the web portal. If one is having trouble with one browser, as a troubleshooting step try a different browser on the same computer. In some instances browser plug-ins, add-on’s, and extensions can affect or even block access or use of the web portal.

There may be more information that is relevant at the following WD Support links:

Thank you! This explains all of what I was asking about.

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