MyCloud vs Synology

Have been recently contemplating getting a new NAS for home use. Came across Synology 220+. I found the whole ecosystem of Synology very decent. Very user-friendly interface.
Just ad an app or functionality to the dashboard and you are good to go.

I wonder why MyCloud could not have done the same thing…


I think it could be argued that these two brand of products are designed for two different types of customers. There is some overlap and WD has modestly accommodated for the more adventurous but at the end of the day, it appears their focus is on plug and play sort of users vs. a more advanced customer who can comfortably configure their setup and is looking for more flexibility.

I don’t agree. I own an old WDMyCloud single bay gen2 as well as a DS220J (Synology). After the upgrade OS5 I can assure that my WD is much more reliable than DS220J. After two months using Synology apps, I can conclude that most of them are ■■■■.


Unfortunately my current cloud home cannot upgrade to OS5 and I don’t intend investing in another wd cloud drive… but i appreciate your review. Thanks

I have now a Synology and everything is better than with the WD thing. I had to find a new NAS after my WD went offline after a firmware upgrade which broke it.

Had I known that I would have never bought a WD initially. Synology is also quite beginner friendly.

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Which synology device are you using? Have you set it up for surveillance too?

Appreciate this feedback from someone who has had both brands. Will keep in mind for any future comments.