MyCloud - Safepoint Error “Invalid State”

Hello everybody,

I wanted to create my FIRST safepoint of 1.3TB stored on a MyCloud. At 99 % (48 hours running time ) this message apperas:

"This safe point is in state to invalid , try updating to fix the problem ."

After clicking on “Update” it starts again at 0 % , and the safepoint creation hangs up after a few minutes .

But what I’ve read so far it’s a known issue .

WD MyCloud 6TB , connected with Gigabit LAN to MacBook Pro
WD Elements Desktop 4TB , directly connected via USB 3.0 to WD MyCloud
Mac OS X 10.11.4
Latest firmware on MyCloud

Apparently still probably really 99 % have been copied to the external disk ( in safepoint folder ) , maybe even 100 % ? I can not proof quickly due too many folders with many subfolders.

Anybody and can help / provide a solution?

And should I delete the current safepoint and create a new safepoint? But then have to wait 49 hours again …

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Hi Michael. I know this post is quite old. But I am facing the same issue. I have done 2 attempts with both failing at different completion %. One at 26% and the second at 75% . I am currently running the third safepoint. I am also praying and crossing my fingers.
I have 3 TB of data to backup.
Did you find an alternative solution to this ??

I am having an identical problem. Sometimes I cannot create safe points, but if I can, they run for anywhere between 9% and 98% of the total data capacity to be backed up, then it freezes. So far I have failed to create a safe point, but I have wasted a significant amount of time in trying to do so, and bought another piece of WD kit (a WD Elements USB storage drive) which seems to be of no use. Hoping someone in the community reads this and has found a solution, or has some hints which might help.

One option is to stop using SafePoint and use Rsync instead. However using Rsync involves using SSH and will require some knowledge of Linux commands.