Safe point creation in WDMyCloud using MyBookLive

I have a 2 TB MyBookLive configured to create a safepoint on 4TB WDMyCloud drive. Currently the MBL is app. 1.6 TB full and WMC is around 3.2 TB available. I have created a safepoint on WMC. The safepoint operation started and after 2 days at about 26% which is around 389 GB, the safe point operation has stopped and after that it never resumed. I have my SP configured to auto update every day around 3 am, by now SP creation should have been complete but it shows “invalid safepoint operation” and when I manually start that again, it shows 26% complete, 0 min. time remaining and does not progress further. I was using windows 7 then and windows 10 now, but there is no improvement. it is still stuck at 26% and after sometime, it will return to “invalid safepoint operation”. When I check the safe point size through windows explorer, I find that the safepoint is more than 1TB. So I am completely confused.

  1. If the safe point is already a size of 1+ TB, why it shows only 389 GB and 26%?
  2. The total size of the safe point data is 1.6 TB, why only 1 TB is copied to the new drive?
  3. I am not sure where the problem is ? Is it in MBL or WMC?
    Firmware are updated for both the drives and they are performing a normal operation.
    Please help resolving these issues and show me a way to have the full safepoint backup completed.

It would be best to test if this issue is related to the target share in question. Try a Public share or a share only available to the WD My Cloud admin.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge but can you please explain, how do I do that?

Go to the admin page (Dashboard) of your WD My Book Live and head to the Shares section. Create a new Share and assign public access. If the issue does not repeat itself then it’s an issue with the particular Share you have been using to store the Safepoint and does not extend to other Shares.

Instructions to access the Dashboard are available in the following link: