Can't recover MyCloud from a safepoint

Need to recover my cloud from a saved safepoint file. after I choose the safepoint and select I receive this error: •This safepoint operation is not allowed. (402018). how can I fix this

Hi John What firmware are you using ?
I had this problem on V3 firmware and thought it had been fixed in later versions however I have not tried to restore since.
The good thing is that safe point stores the files unencrypted so as a last resort you can manually set up the My Cloud with shares & users as you had it before and then copy the contents of the shares back from the drive with the safepoint
Although this is tedious it worked for me
Hope this helps

So, how do I copy the contents of the old share to the new or recreated share?

You drag and drop or just copy the files/folders from the USB drive Share that the Safepoint is stored on to the new Share location on the My Cloud.

Thank you so much for your effort to help me. I tried dragging/dropping/copying the information from the usb drive to a share on the MyCloud, but it still did not seem to work. I will keep looking for a solution. I know that the internal server error I get (post_safepoint_restore_http_500) is probably a software issue, but it is very maddening.

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Calvin H. Johnson


Did you get an error message when dragging and dropping the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud? If so what is the specific error message? Were you trying to copy the files to a Private Share? Have you tired copying and pasting the files rather than dragging and dropping?

Edit to add: Strangely on a first gen single bay My Cloud I now get an error: This safepoint operation is not allowed. (402018) when trying to restore a Safepoint. However I am able to copy and paste/drag and drop files from the USB hard drive Safepoint Share folder to the same Share on the My Cloud without issue. And able to copy/paste files into a Private Share.

I have tried dragging/dropping and copying/pasting, but I don’t know how to activate the safepoint. I still cannot get the system to recover from the safepoint because of that system error. I also, however, did get the 402018, This safepoint operation is not allowed error, after I copied/pasted the share onto the MyCloud. Thanks so much for your help.

Is there a way to just restore the files by copying pasting?

Another option is to eject the USB hard drive from the My Cloud and connect the USB drive directly to a computer that is connected by Etherenet to the same router/gateway the My Cloud is connected to. Then drag/drop or copy/paste the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud.

Other suggestions. Try setting the Share to Public and not Private if it is currently set to Private when trying to copy files from the USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud. Another troubleshooting step, if the USB hard drive Share is set to Private, change it it Public. One could try connecting to the My Cloud using SSH (using software like Putty, WinSCP, etc.) and copy the files from the My Cloud attached USB hard drive to another Share on the My Cloud.