MyCloud not showing up in windows 10 file explorer again

OK so I have noticed that my two myclouds are again not showing up in Windows 10. Last time it was MS defaulting to disable legacy SMB, but I checked and that is still enabled. Any thoughts? I can navigate fine to them, but they to not show up in “Network”

Right click network and map them| Also make sure your connected as private connection

I know I can do that but that doesn’t explain why I can no longer see them under network.

Hello and happy new year
same sh** happens (Windows V1909) here.
I’ve checked all services on Windows : launched, MyCloud is set on SMB 1, all share settings are enable, but nope : WDMyCloud still can’t be seen even if I disable the firewall Defender.
Any new idea will be much appreciated.

Have you already rebooted your computer to see if they will show back up?

Yea that is not it, this is on multiple Windows PCs, and I am not even going to get into how it is acting with my OS X laptop. This is completely flakey connection and slow.

So, you’ve enabled all the SMB1 options. Have you turned NetBIOS from “Auto” to “On”?

Turned NetBIOS to on, rebooted everything and still no dice.

Strange thing is, I have two Thinpad T460 laptops and two HP desktops, all running Windows 10. I can access the NAS drive on these computers with the SMB and NetBIOS changes. But on My ASUS desktop, running the same version of Windows 10… no dice! I’ve mapped the network drives on this PC, but it’s a bit of a hack.

Ah yes. . . . the network window.

I find it doesn’t work a darn. Not only does it NOT show my various WD devices; but it also doesn’t always display the others windows machines on the network.

I have done all that network cr*p. SMB1. NetBIOS. I can always access stuff by typing the device name; but to get Windows Explorer to just see the drive in the network window. . . . .it’s downright flakey.

If I can vent - - - I am tired of the Windows updates. Quality control is simply hideous. I had one update trash the O/S of a machine (forcing an O/S reload). The March update broke color calibration until a patch rolled out in August. Another update dragged my entire network to a halt until I disabled IP6 on the “updated” machines. (WHY I don’t know. . .).

I dread finding out what the next update will break.

OK - Did a bit more sleuthing. I think on some level I must enjoy this manure.

The answer (for today) is “Function Discovery Provider Host” and “Function Discovery Resource Publication”.
Both of these Windows services needs to be set to “automatic (delayed start)”

I just did this on a few machines that were being problematic. . . and I can now see all of my PC’s and WD drives.

If I am understanding this all correctly;

  • The WIN10 machines need the above mentioned services to see each other properly in Windows File Explorer.
  • The WD MyCloud Devices (running a version of Linux) requires these services AND SMB1.0 protocol to be seen in Windows file explorer.

I am probably set. Until the next windows update.

** EDIT TO ADD: As I was getting ready to leave the house today, a major update rolled out to one of my PC’s. . . . I should have noted what it was running before I updated. . .that machine is often “off net” doing video conversions. Heaven only knows what I will find when I get home.