Mycloud Home | Plex & Kodi & 4K Files

Hello everyone, hope you are all safe from the pandemic and all this covid-19 situtation.

I have Mycloud Home some months now, and i am using it with Nvidia Shiled Android TV to play usually with KODI, my library of Movies / TV-Series.
Just a note on this, as at first i didnt knew how to do it, i managed to make Kodi be able to see the folder where i have put all my videos, by enabling SMB Access on Windows Features (search it on your pc) and then create a PUBLIC folder (with sub-folders within it) where it can be seen internally on your LAN and read the files through that. As i have spent many days to understand how to do it, hope it helps fellow members of the community here.

The reason i am making this thread, is for 2 issues i have, and i hope there will be someone more experienced than me around, to help me solve them.

a. The first is that when i try to play via Wifi 4K big files, like 70-80 GB each, i have buffering problems every 10-15 seconds in a way i can’t really watch the movies. When the file is up to 10-15 GB it plays without problem, but on 70-80 GB each, it constantly buffering and KODI displays a message that your server (MyCloud Home) it’s not optimal to play this file
The only solution on this, i am thinking to move Mycloud Home near my TV and connect it with USB so will play directly or connect it with my dsl router (a speedtouch) and have Mycloud home as Network Storage (if that will help on buffering issues)

b. Recently i discovered that MyCloud Home can support Plex Server as well. As i have a rather old Samsung tv in my bedroom, that can play Plex as well, i was thinking to be able to play through plex on my bedroom tv and not have to buy a new media player for there as well. The problem is, that in order to enable Plex, it asks me to create a folder named PLEX within my cloud, which can be visible only via Plex settings or Mycloud Android app and store everything there. So if i do this, i will have the same files, in 2 different folders within MyCloud Home, which is …a bit odd! It seems that i can’t through Plex Server settings, make it read my Kodi Folders (the public folder i mentioned) and solve it like this. Is there any other way?

Thank you in advance for any possible help!

The My Cloud Home is not the same as a My Cloud device. See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist and and where you can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find past discussions similar to your issue.

The Plex media server is not officially supported on the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices (the general subject of the “My Cloud” subforum)

Ty, i have posted there too!