My Cloud Home - Plex Folder Restrictions

I’ve had a 2tb WD MyCloud for 18 months, I use it for storing music and video files as well as transferring various files when I’m away from home. I primarily though use it as a DLNA server while I am at home. The vast majority of the files on it are those for the DLNA server.

The video files are sorted by folder, eg Series\Series Title\Series 1\Episode 1, Episode 2 etc. Works perfectly both for transferring files and finding them via the two players I use (a PS4 & also a Sony TV).

As I could forsee the MyCloud being filled up before long I decided to invest in a 8tb MyCloud Home.

I’ve discovered of course the fact that not only must I use the folders insisted upon by the Plex setup but also that its not possible to use sub-folders. I have at the moment 1,814 video files that I would need to place in a single folder. Throughout the various folders they are in I have 58 files which have the same name (but are different videos), there may be other filenames which are even more common, I just picked the 58x one at random. (The music (5,107 files) might be less of an issue as filenames are less likely to be duplicated and they all have ID3 tags)

To use Plex (& therefore to get any use of the MyCloud Home beyond basic file sharing which my existing MyCloud is superb for) it seems it would be necessary for me to spend a significant amount of time renaming files. Finding them in the Plex server would then be a pain too of course.

So, I’m just about to restore it to factory settings and will be returning it to Amazon. If I want to backup photos on Facebook or share files without wanting them to be accessible to a DLNA server without considerable hassle then it might be ok but as the bulk of what I want involves the DLNA server this just isn’t suitable.

Does anyone know of a network accessible storage solution, accessible remotely, which will let me decide which folders to make accessible to the DLNA server (which preferably allows browsing by folder on the playing device), will let me give access on a folder-by-folder basis?..…. yes, I know this is sounding like a ‘MyCloud’ but it would also be useful if it would integrate with Amazon Alexa (I understand the MCH does but I never got that far with it).

okay cool!!!