Plex Folders

I am learning if I want to use Plex with My Cloud and also My Cloud home I have to use 2 servers (which seems outrageous) but what I am having issues with is the folders. With the Plex Server run from a computer I can make Folders like make a seperate Kids TV Folder and Adult TV folder so when I can separate them by users. With the Server on My Cloud Home I have one TV folder and am not allowed to pick which folder is for what. With Plex this has been an awesome feature but now I am getting these features restricted and its terrible. Am I going to have to just live with these restrictions or am I missing something? If I have to live with it I may be sending this back because this is terrible… Anyone else have this issue, dealing with it or know how to fix this? Thank you so much…

My kids will thank you as well

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IIRC when using PLEX with the My Cloud Home the default folders have to be used and the names or number of folders cannot be changed. .

So this problem stil not resolved after 6 months of waiting? So basically wd Plex limits you to organise your own library and you will end up having cartoons, horrors and pink movies in one MOVIES folder displayed in same category. Well done WD!

This is a very limited Plex, I’m very disappointed that the folders can not be customized… super disappointed. I buy the pro Plex to control what folders kids have access to and with these folders defeats that purpose… please fix ASAP

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another MyCloudHome stupid limitation. a fix would make happy a lot of users, but Western Digital just don’t care. They’ll probably lose a lot of us.