PLEX library limitations needs to be fixed asap

Dear WD,
This becoming overdue issue that meant to be fixed last year. Plex library should look exactly like on all other devices with option to add own folders and categories to library. I see on this forum at least 10 different requests unanswered so far. Why no reply WD? Will this ever be fixed? If no pls let everybody now so we can return/sell/trow away our devices.




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Hi drake79,

In the current implementation only the default folders created when PLEX is enabled can be used for PLEX libraries. I would suggest posting this feature request in the My Cloud Home ideas board.

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I know that, current implementation is pretty much useless as you can see tones of complains on this forum, also I reported and requested this feature many times as well as many other unhappy users but so far no reaction from WD.

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Do WD even begin to recognise the total frustration of so many users who have purchased the WD My Cloud home in good faith and found it to be totally inadequate for their requirements.

This forum is full of people asking for features that should have been implemented from day one and asking us to post in the ideas board is a complete waste of time if WD never provide any feedback.

Is that to much to ask ??

I feel your pain. While the device is a convenience for me, it’s the little things that let it down. I get the feeling that little resources are available for the ongoing maintenance and updates of these devices, based on the feedback people are getting, and update frequency.

What they should have done is not added “My Cloud” to the device name. That’s what got me - researching the “My Cloud”, and thinking I was just buying the newer version of that!

It seems the most that us users can hope for is reliability, and the occasional “Your My Cloud Home has been updated” email.


Agree. I was surprised to learn that I couldn’t organize my media into sub-folders and create corresponding libraries to organize better. Please add this functionality!!

Recently bought my cloud home. Plex library vanishes after reboot. Very annoying. Is there a fix?

Is there any hope from WD to listening to us and to update the library by adding folder feature