MyCloud Home Duo Vs Two MyCloud

My old MyBook just failed two days ago (my fault) and I need to replace it ASAP.

I need a product to 1) back-up my iMac and MacBook using Time Machine (over Wifi) and 2) to store some files (mainly Video) to be accessed from my devices. This time I want to have a Raid 1 set-up to cope with any failure as the documents stored (2) have no back-up.

One solution could be MyCloud Home Duo 8Tb but I am thinking about one MyCloud Home 4Tb and one more product 4Tb to mirror the first one. This second option would be less expensive and, to me more important, I would have two completely separated devices which in my opinion should mitigate the risk of failure.


  1. Any advice/comment about the second option?
  2. Which product would you suggest to mirror MyCloud Home 4Tb? As far as I understand i cannot just plug the second product via USB. One more MyCloud Home 4Tb?
  3. in connection with question 2) is MyCloud Home 4Tb the way to go or as primary product I should go for a different one? Please note that Wi-fi time machine back-up from multiple computer is a must

Thank you!!!

The My Cloud Home does not support backing up to another NAS. For that type of functionality you would need to go with the EX or PR series NAS devices. You could also go with the normal My Cloud if you can find one but from what I understand they have gotten pretty hard to find since the My Cloud Home came out.

Any of them can do TimeMachine backups.

Thank you. My cloud Home cannot backup to another NAS via USB right? What if I get a second My Cloud Home? :slight_smile: