MyCloud Has Been Destroyed by New Firmwares: Gobbles up Free Gigs into Black hole

BASICALLY WD MyCloud is Currently DEAD
Somebody report this to higher up non-techie management please.

I have read:

  • Dozens of threads before posting
  • Numerous irrelevant KB articles linked as response to people here too
  • Official replies as fixes and reasons and many more irrelevant usual similar by others saying there is no problem (you get these types on all forums)
  • etc etc

I am not a noob nor a mere techie, have coded for decades in many languages Professionally
Read up on the issue a lot before posting as I said
Have no safepoint, TimeMachine backup etc feature running
HAD TURNED OFF all non necessary features on my 4TB (ftp, ssh, etc etc) except network access. It is bare minimum
Searched for where the lost space is going to and no luck


  1. You Free up Gigs and Gigs of space
  1. In a few days, the free space is GONE!

This was not a problem until about a year ago.


Recent firmware updates are eating up free space into a black hole
We are getting nonsense so-called official fixes & replies which make any dictatorial regime ashamed if they did it. Corporate dinosaur in total denial as many threads testify here too

It has a black hole which eats up free space

Face the Facts

Do not give nonsense replies and fixes which do nothing & Dismiss as we see in many threads

Fix the firmware eating up huge AMOUNTS OF FREE SPACE INTO OBLIVION

Thanks to whoever updated the firmware engine code, as things stand:

BASICALLY WD MyCloud is Currently DEAD

Somebody report this to higher up non-techie management please.

Thank you.

I agree. I’m having all sorts of problems after update.
I wish I never upgraded.

I thought it might be DLNA database is at fault but after turning off media_streaming last month it still ate up gigs and gigs. Of course itunes and everything else is off too. When SSH was on i tested folder sizes of numerous folders and they all checked out what the windows explorer windows showed.

It must be hidden system files, database/temp/etc, being used by the new firmwares. Never had free space disappearing into the firmware void until firmware updates since last summer.

The firmware coders who basically KILLED WD MyCloud know what numerous posters here are complaining about but users AND ACTUAL management are being given the usual round_around diversionary answers on the forums. Usual corporate way of hiding the dirt under the rug.

Please inform higher up non-techie WD management that:
WD MyCloud has in effect been killed with firmwares since summer.

This product was a complete waste of my money. I have had problems with it long before this firmware update. Horrible performance, constant instability (have to often restart WD Discovery because it freezes), absolutely no responsiveness from the WD folks.

Since all free space is being eaten into the void of Recent Firmware Black Holes, you have to do the following:

  • Keep almost all space taken up with some big dummy files, or any big file(s) you do not need

  • When you want to copy across some big files you Really DO Need:
    Delete some of those big dummy files

  • QUICKLY COPY your new files over (otherwise after some time the free space is taken by hidden files of firmware)
    If you wait a day or so, the free space will disappear!

This is what the firmwares’ updates since last year is making us to resort to!

Deadly issue for MyCloud & WD reputation.

Any one from WD Management paying attention yet?

Current Process cycle:

We free up space

Firmware gobbles up all free space

Only few KB left



Have to use tricks to UNBRICK & delete files

Reset, long reset, ftp, ssh, etc.
What works or not changes.

Basically developers have killed MyCloud with their firmware updates.

This is quite serious and some senior Management needs to be informed and fix.