MyCloud Gen 1 FTP with special characters

I’m trying to ftp files to my MyCloud, but it would appear that it won’t accept special characters. Any way to change this?


I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

What “special character” won’t it accept? Are you copying a file or folder with the special character, or creating a new folder?

I’m using FTP (Goodsync) to backup files. Some of my MP3 folders have “system files”… jpg files with album art. If the file names contain characters like { or }, they don’t get copied via FTP. I can copy them other ways, but not via FTP. So I’m assuming it as something to do with ASCII vs UTF-8?? I don’t know much about this. I only know it won’t work.

May be a problem with your FTP client program. Using the free FileZilla FTP program ( I have no problem Ftp’ing files with special characters to a v4.x firmware single bay My Cloud. See screen capture below. I assume the User account you’re using to log into the FTP server on the My Cloud has Full Access permission for the particular Share (set via the WD My Cloud Dashboard).

I have a feeling you’re right. Goodsync has to be about the worst software purchase I’ve ever made. I can’t get any help from their support. And they don’t have a forum where users can help each other.