Mycloud extremely slow

Hey there !

I just bought a new mycloud 2TB version. Now I linked it to my Netgear Nighthawk X6. My speedtests says i’m having a 90 mbps speed on WiFi 2.4GHz. But if i want to transfer files my speed is like maximium 10mb/s and most of the time it’s even around the 500 kb/s…

How is this possible. Any ideas how to fix? Takes ages for even transfering a little file…

I hope you guys can help.


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You are comparing two different values, Megabits per second (Mbps) to Megabytes per second (Mb/s). Not to mention comparing broadband speed vs local network speed. 90 Mbps comes out to be roughly 11.25 MB/s.

See the following discussion on the issue of copying speed to/from the My Cloud:

Hmmm. So you say it’s a normal speed like it should be? Is this normal then?

I mean like 20gb is taking hours. Not everybody having it so slow like that right ?

What is your network setup? Are you using a gigabit router? What is your WiFi speed?

Because most network setups and hardware vary there is no set speed that one will achieve with the My Cloud. It is all dependent on your network configuration, hardware used including speed of the WiFi and hard drive on the computer.

Generally its best to run some testing of the network using programs dedicated to testing network speed. Performing a speed test using sites like doesn’t test the speed of your local network, it tests the speed of your broadband connection. You might be able to use programs like Crystal Disk Mark to test read/write speed to the My Cloud.

Generally its best to use a wired Gigabit connection between the computer and a Gigabit router the My Cloud is connected to.

Using a large test file, or small test file? The overheads involved in moving small files can dominate the effective transfer speed. Moving large media files, you should get a transfer rate similar to your test. Moving lots of small text files, you won’t see your test rate.


I’m using a nighthawk X6 R8000 Router, wired with a CAT5E cable. So that might be clearly enough.

My notebook is a asus n76v, I7, OCZ SSD, 8GB RAM. OCZ running at average 173MB/s speed. Normal harddisk is average speed 79MB/s. (used HD Tune)

What can i also check because there should be something wrong, right?

10 MB/s max with files around the 20GB :frowning:

Is Asus laptop wired to the Nighthawk router? Or is it connected via WiFi? Is your My Cloud configured to perform any tasks (like backup) or are any other computers accessing/streaming content the My Cloud during the time your copying files to the My Cloud?

Try running a Crystal Disk Mark test to a mapped My Cloud Share. Here is an example of what I get to a first gen v4.x My Cloud enclosure housing a Seagate 1T 5400 RPM SATA drive when copying a file across a Gigabit connection from an old bare bones Asus desktop computer (running an SSD drive).

There are other discussion threads where others have posted their speeds that can be found using the forum search, magnifying glass icon upper right.

Yess, it’s wired to the nighthawk. And my cloud is not configured to do anything. Putted everything off. No other computers are using my cloud only i am on my notebook. Got the app on my phone but it’s closed.

I runned the Crystal Disk mark ( had the bad one before) and my speed it 1/8 from yours… I also tried to search before I made the topic. But badly enough i couldn’t find my problem.

That looks more like a 100Mbps link result. Note the symmetric read/write values; it’s link rate bound, not disk bound.

What colour is the upper of the two LEDs on the MyCloud Ethernet connector; the one that isn’t blinking?

What Ethernet adaptor is in your PC?

I suppose as a test (to eliminate the router being a cause) you could connect the My Cloud direct to the laptop and run another Disk Mark test to see if you get the same rates. If so, like cpt_paranoia indicated it may be a configuration issue (or conflict) with your laptop networking adapter/port. Otherwise if its the router there may be a configuration issue within the router.

This lights are just green. So that wouldn’t be the problem already checked that.

My ethernet adapter is a intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230.

How can i direct link the mycloud to my notebook?

And how can i find out where the conflict is. Because it’s wired or wireless same problems. The router is just new, i used the wizzard what comes with the router. So of that should be the problem?

That shows that your MyCloud is connected to your router via a gigabit ethernet link; the top LED would be yellow if it were 100megabit.

That’s a WiFi adaptor (802.11n) (with Bluetooth 4.0, too)…

I thought you had a WIRED connection from your computer to your router?

Your laptop spec says it has a gigabit wired Ethernet port.

Is you laptop connecting to your router via WiFi, or via Ethernet? It is possible to choose one or the other. On the right of the task bar, there will be some icons. One of them will be for the network connection. If you click on it, it will open up, and it should show either a wired network connection, or a WiFi network connection (for the latter, it will show signal strength and wifi network name).

My suspicion is that your laptop is connecting to the router via WiFi, not via the wired Ethernet port. Try disabling the wifi, and seeing if the laptop drops back to wired ethernet. Or turn off wifi on the router, and see if your laptop can still connect.

My internet adapter has two options. Wireless and Wired, which is basically a two-in-one adapter. Yesterday I tested my connection by plugging in my Ethernet cable and disbaling my WiFi through settings. So I can assure you that my speedtest was not done wirelessly, but rather wired. I hope this solves the confusion we’re having.

Okay. What connection rate did it report? If it wasn’t 100Mbps, I’m stumped, since all the evidence points to a 100Mbps link somewhere between the PC and the MyCloud, and that is the only thing limiting the transfer speed (rather than the disk read/write speed, which we’d expect to be non-symmetrical, as per Bennor’s CDM test results, which are similar to mine).

Allright it feels like you don’t believe me. Soo i did the speedtest, at the right bottom you see i’m wired to my network no wifi everything is turned off.

Access the Nighthawk X6 R8000 router’s administration page and access the Internet Port pane Statistics screen. On that screen you should see the statistics for the LAN ports. Check the LAN port status for the port you have the laptop connected to and see if it indicates 10/100 or 1000/full or some other value. Also check the wired network port adapter settings properties of the laptop to see if the speed/duplex value has been modified or is impacting the speed.

I think you might mean this? It says 100M/full. And my duplex speed setting is full.

Poort Status TxPkts RxPkts Botsingen Tx B/s Rx B/s Actieve tijd
WAN 100M/Volledig 52075 148024 0 5978 263248 00:13:13
LAN1 1000M/Volledig 11528 13913 0 12222 2023 00:00:38
LAN2 100M/Volledig 00:19:46
LAN3 Verbinding verbroken –
LAN4 Verbinding verbroken –
2.4G WLAN b/g/n 600M 109550 29244 0 304708 6626 00:08:39
5G WLAN a/n 1300M 11025 10026 0 9599 1880 00:08:39
5G WLAN 2 a/n/ac 1300M 0 0 0 0 0 00:08:39

If LAN1 port is the My Cloud port and LAN2 is the laptop port that would explain your poor speed. You would need to figure out why your laptop networking port (if capable of gigabit speed) is defaulting to 100 MB rather than 1000 MB.