MyCloud ex2Ultra NAS to USB backup

I have a MyCloud ex2Ultra. I created a backup from my NAS drive to a USB drive. Since I do not have enough room on the USB drive to do another backup, do I need to erase the prior backup or can I write on top of the previous backup. Thanks for your help.

Hey @tom03,

If you had selected Backup Type as “Copy”, then it won’t create an incremental backup. Selecting “Sync” as will help as backup type, but again the Syn feature has one drawback, it will delete a previously backed up file if you will delete the same from NAS.
And the 3rd Backup Type “Incremental” is only supported for USB to NAS backups.

This leaves you with two options, either go for the “Sync” Backup Type or Delete the previous backups and start again.

Thanks @Cyber_dragoon. Just bear with me because I’m very much of a beginner. It sounds like that “Sync” option will work for me. When you say that “it will delete a previously backed up file if you will delete the same from NAS” I’m not 100% clear. Let say I’m starting from scratch…I create a backup job with Sync. A week later I want to do another backup: do I go to the backup job that I had previously and use the modify option or do i create a new job and then what happens to the old job?

Hey @tom03,

Prior to changing the backup settings, you shiirt first delete everything from the external drive. Once done you may go for the “Sync” as backup type and as per your question, yes it will overwrite the existing files but will delete a file if you will delete it from the NAS drive. So make sure you do not delete anything accidentally from the NAS, if you did, do not backup to external drive.

Click Here for more information about the NAS to USB backup.

Thank you @Cyber_dragoon!