MyCloud EX2 + Video format + iPad / iPhone


I have a question on video formats.

I have some video files uploaded on my MyCloud EX2.

The video files are in avi, rmvb and mp4 formats.

I have no problems with the mp4 files.

I am trying to watch the videos on either my ipad or iphone, using the WD MyCloud app. I am able to see the video file (avi or rmvb), but i cannot play them. 

I do not have a converter to convert the file formats.

Is there anyway which i can watch the video files (avi or rmvb)?

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


You will need an App installed on your iphone/ipad that is able to play these video formats. 


I have the VLC player app installed, i have also some other media player apps installed on my ipad too…

I can stream rmvb or avi files from other websites with no problem.

You need to download the file using the app, then Open In… and select whatever app you want.

Hi Tony,

thanks for the advise… :slight_smile:

I will give it a try… :slight_smile:

Hopefully it works… :slight_smile: