Mycloud disk failure

Dear Community.

My Mycloud never worked very well, but I always use it to back up my photos and access it from time to time.
Lately I wanted to retrieve some folders and it showed me a disk failure that seems to not recover with the basic reset instructions (the 40s, the system only etc…). The full Test on the drive asks to contact support so I did, but they mentioned the risk of losing all the data. This looks crazy to me, considering I have never moved the device from his location.
Just want to know I can restore my data in any other way before running any irreversible options.

Thanks and Regars,



You could refer to the following link:


I managed to proceed a bit.
I’m surprise the customer support didn’t mention these options.

Simply with WinSCP I can see the disk and my files.
Problem is I guess I have tons of broken segments and the copying keep failing over.

I can scp data from a Linux machine but again it keeps hanging some times and being from a Chromebook I have issues on copy huge amount of data, so my plan is to go via Linux from a Raspberry Pi or a a Linux installation I may do on another machine.

I may also try to fix the failed disk from there.
Once I backed up my most sensitive data, I’ll disassembly the mycloud unit and I’ll try to access the disk from a SATA connection.

Of course my experience with NAS mycloud has been catastrophic and I think I’ll go back to old school methods…