login not working


tried to login through internet on multiple occasions yesterday and today. Even though I have made more than 10 attempts, only one login was successful.

It always says wrong email or password, but obviously not. I even did a password reset and tried with new password but it just doesn’t work.

WD, please advise. Is there a website service issue?

I urgently need my files!


@klemen I just tried with IE and received the same message as you, however, with Firefox it worked. What browsers have you tried? has been acting up the last few weeks.

Tried on Chrome here and seeing the same issue.
Says my user/pass is wrong. Just reset it and literally copy/paste credentials in, so something is wrong with their login system at the moment it seems.

I have tried Chrome and IE and both gave same results. Any idea how we can make them look into it? It’s just not what one bought and signed up for.

I am having the same problem. Any word on this being fixed?

We are looking into this.

Thank you. I just posted another new topic thread about this as well just in case the reply in these comments of this older thread were not seen.

We have tried logging in with several different users on all different browsers. None working - even with a password reset.

Any solution to this problem?

nothing works for me, change password, different user, different browser …

Short update: the issue seems to be sporadic, at least for me, as I can access it today with no issue from same computer and browser that I was using last time when receiving errors.