MyCloud and Samsung TV DLNA


I am having a problem with MyCloud and my Samsung TV

When I got the MyCloud a few days ago, I put some pictures and videos on it.  My Samsung TV is connected to my home network and I had no problem playing videos on it from the MyCloud.

Last night I moved more pictures and videos to the MyCloud.  

Now when I go to the “Content” option on my Samsung TV, it starts to display the page (with no text), and then the TV shuts down.  I think this is a problem with the Twonky server not being able to handle so much content (although I just put about 10Gb of files on it).

Can I change the media server?  Optimize it somehow?  I don’t have a problem playing videos from a mobile and beaming them over to the TV.

Also.  Under the Twonky media server settings.  Under “Sharing”, the “Navigation Type” for the TV was setup as “By Folder”.  I changed it to “Advanced Media Navigation” because its better suited to large libraries.

After trying it again, the TV shuts down and when I look at Twonky again it is back to “By Folder”

Any help?

For me, whichever option I select in Twonky, and whichever receiver I’m watching on, the navigation system looks and operates exactly the same. 2013 Samsung TV.

Yes.  But if I use the TV’s own built in content viewer, it just shuts down.  Using the Twonky App or the Bubble Upnp apps, both can play, cast and browse files.  

Its only when I use the TV’s own built in Content link, that it shuts down.


samdavid6 wrote:

Now when I go to the “Content” option on my Samsung TV, it starts to display the page (with no text), and then the TV shuts down.  I think this is a problem with the Twonky server not being able to handle so much content (although I just put about 10Gb of files on it).

If your TV actually shuts down, it’s your TV that’s “Crashing,” not the Cloud – no amount of problems with a DLNA server should ever cause your TV to shut off…  

The mere fact that you can browse and stream via BubbleUPnP and “beam” shows that Twonky’s not having any issues with the media.

My My Cloud has almost 2TB of media (photos, music, videos, etc…) so it’s able to handle quite a bit.

The reason it goes back from “Advanced Navigation” to “By Folder” is a mystery to me…   ALL of mine are always “Advanced Navigation,” because that’s the default.

Perhaps there’s a specific Samsung TV profile that Twonky requires be set to Folder for some reason.  I can’t confirm it because I don’t have any Samsung TVs.

Thanks for the help people. My TV is of course about 5 years old, so maybe it’s just not able to handle all the media. I’ll try a firmware update to see if that helps…

Appreciate the assistance.

New problem for me:

After factory reset for the millionth time, I’ve got something new and sort of the opposite of your situation:

Now, internal browser, which never did anything before, is the safest, most stable bet to get anything browsed or viewed.

BubbleUPNP, which used to be the best bet and worked about 50% of the time before (with additional time for tweaking, rebooting, random drop-outs and restarts etc.) just gives “Format not supported” kind of messages, displayed on the TV not on the mobile.

“Beam with Twonky” Android app never could play anything, except on the mobile screen itself - any tips there ? That would be the most obvious one, wouldn’t it, since it’s Twonky’s official software interacting with the Twonky server ?

Tried several other apps, they work rarely if ever - MediaHouse, PlayTo Samsung, Asus AiPlayer, Asus Media Streamer, AppleTVMedia (for beaming through android from server to Samsung TV through AppleTV2 receiver). Tried any other apps ?

If you have Samsung’s bloatware Allshare / Link, whatever they call it these days, on your phone/tv/pc, one thing that has sometimes been the only working option for me is - download the file to Galaxy S4 phone, play it there through native video player, wait for video to start, pause it, then press a tiny “beam”-like symbol in the upper right corner, and if I’m lucky, video shows on the TV.

Never did find anything with useful features like search, selection of sorting mode, etc., BubbleUpNP is the closest.

This beaming thing is a great idea though, I’d never heard about it before. So does the TV receive it’s own video signal ? Or does everything get passed through the mobile, or just the initial “play”/“pause” etc. commands ? Reason I ask is TV got a much more stable better internet than the phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 phone keeps dropping out for random reasons usually something about my connection being too slow (trust me it ain’t).

Also, the DLNA sorting system - what exactly is the logic there ? Is it really handled without any standard between programmers/manufacturers etc. ? How does DLNA handle special characters ? E.g. sorting folders by prefixes like “.” or “_” or similar, these folders amongst others are, um, seemingly sorted entirely at random each session.

Sorry about the rant, come on, teach me something :slight_smile:



Ok… an update.  I updated the Samsung firmware and I was still getting a shutdown when I try to access the media content on the MyCloud.

The only way I could fix this was to install miniDLNA, which I know is not covered by warranty…  

Since now I can use the TV to browse the contents of the MyCloud, I have come to understand that the problem IS the Twonky media server.  

I’ve seen other posts that say that the version 7 causes problems for everyone.

Oh well.  For now, miniDLNA should do fine.