MyCloud & Amazon Fire Stick?

I’m looking at buying a 3TB Basic Mycloud device. One reason is to remove a lot of resource heavy files from my laptop- but to still have easy access.The other reason is so I can stream various MP4 files on the various FireTV sticks around the house.

Can I easily do this using the MyCloud app on my Amazon stick/ from within an app on my iphone which allows me to ‘cast’ to my stick?

This isn’t a full media library of films and music albums - so I don’t want to set up a full ‘plex’ style setup. It is webinar recordings, training videos MP4s / MP3s etc. So ideally I would just like to be able to navigate through my folders and play the files on my Firestick. Is this easily possible? Which apps would I need?

Likewise, if on my home network, will I be able to easily navigate to a video file, and play it on my laptop without further work?

Thanks in advance for your help! I’m a total beginner when it comes to NAS’ but it seems it could be what I’m looking for!

If the Plex app that can apparently be installed to the Fire Stick can access a DLNA server then one could try that app. Otherwise one could side load Kodi to the Fire Stick to access the My Cloud.

The instructions for installing Kodi on Fire TV are useful if they are not already outdated. Here is a link I sent someone recently of a YouTube video that gets it right, and I have installed Kodi on 3 Fire stick using it:

First of all, watch a video – a good one, because there are lots of old and bad ones at YouTube. This is the video that helped me get it on. I found I needed to watch it on a tablet so I could do it over again since the guy goes so fast (because he knows what he is doing.) Just take your time.

The YouTube video:

Thanks Mike!

I actually already have Kodi installed! :smiley: So, it seems like this is the best option.

So, this app is no good?

But there is an app that be installed through Kodi that will allow streaming but not require downloading??

With the My Cloud app, you’ll still need a video player to watch the video. The app just makes your media accessible remotely.


I re-read your post, and now I “get” what you are asking.

Regarding the My Cloud app, yes, it is the app developed for accessing your MC NAS from MOBILE devices like phones and tablets to stream/play media from the NAS to your device. The app has a built in media player.

It cannot access the Fire TV, though. But, you do not need it or another app to do this. The Fire TV w/Kodi enables you to access media files on your NAS (with Kodi), and Kodi will play the media (audio or video) on a TV via the Fire stick. connected to it.

It is this simple.

Just download the VLC Media Player app onto your Firestick. I save videos from my phone onto my 3TB mycloud all the time, and have no issues streaming them at all. VLC is a media player that plays pretty much everything. I have it on my phone, pc, firestick! The only issue i have come across is… Sometimes I have to reboot the firestick after I add new videos…

I want to update my previous comment where I recommended using Kodi. There is now an Amazon-approved version of Kodi at the Amazon app store called MrMC, The guts is the kodi program/app that is easier to install (just download it from app store) and the user interface has recently received a facelift that should make things easier to use it…

thanks for the lead on MRMC it look promising, trying the LITE version to see if it will cache my home videos on my gige network hardwareired. not sure the Firestick is up to the task, so we will see. maybe buy the $3 version if it works

The free version has limitations and is not fully functional. Just spend the few bucks and buy the darn thing. It works fine. It will help to select SMB mode vs DLNA if you have a good home network.

thank you!!! I just wanted to see if it cached from my two 6 TB video and picture NAS boxes and it does the 17 movie limit was no big deal for testing and i wanted to feel the user interface and to see how easy discover was etc etc.

Downloading the $3 pay version right now as a matter of fact!!!

much essier and better then Kodi and ES file manager and VLC etc etc I just want something my wife can click and go. I hope it will let me see and sort by the folders and years??? I have about 500 plus videos from the 1950s to 2018 but they are not created in those years obvisusly but the titles will not sort sensibly either…we will see.
Thank you for the guidnace and recommendation!!!

Good luck and let me know if you have questions. I have WDTVs I use, but one TV does not have one so Fire stick and MrMC does the trick.

The Firestick seems a little weak with cache or spoiling videos and complains some of mine are not readable or it displays a lot of pixellated data and never recovers.

I have NO issues if:
I installed and use the MrMC Amazon app on the Fire Stick.

It is important to connect Fire TV to 5g wireless signal for faster operation for video streaming. If wireless signal is too weak at Fire TV, for $15, Amazon makes an Ethernet connector for the Fire TV (which I use). If these conditions are met, remaining problems likely due to video files.