Need Fire Stick media player app for playing mp4 movie files from OS5 Twonky

My old WD TV Media Players and the Media Player app on my Roku sticks works great for playing mp4 movie files on OS5 MyCloud Twonky server. But what is best media player on Amazon Fire Stick for playing mp4 files from OS5?


Have you tried a search to find what you need?

media player on Amazon Fire Stick - Search (

If your OS5 My Cloud supports Plex you may want to install and configure the Plex Media Server app through the My Cloud Dashboard App tab for a better user experience rather than using Twonky. One can then load the Plex client app to the Roku and Fire Sticks to stream their media. One can enable DLNA within Plex if one still needs that feature for certain DLNA network clients.

My Cloud OS 5: Manage and Configure Plex Media Server

Otherwise, as the previous poster indicated use your favorite internet search engine and search for Amazon Fire Stick DLNA media players. Various apps out there that can be installed or side loaded to the Fire Stick to stream from Twonky.

Personally, since purchasing the Fire Stick several years ago, I have the ever popular VLC Player installed on a Fire Stick 4K. One can install the VLC Player through the Amazon App Store on the Fire Stick. Works fine for streaming media from a local network DLNA media server. But Plex on the Fire Stick is the main way I stream my local NAS media content.

How to Use VLC Player on Amazon Fire TV Stick

A somewhat dated article from 2017 on installing Plex to the Fire Stick.

How to Use Plex on Your Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick

How To Use Plex with Roku

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You can use MXplayer, VLC player or Kodi on the firestick. Install any of them on your firestick and search your network for your MyCloud. They all work just fine.