Make mycloud app fully compatible with Amazon Fire TV


I would like to view all my mobile photos on my TV just like Amazone Prime allows me to do… with album view, slideshows, and latest photos…etc…

Please add mycloud in the app list. Or did I miss it ?

For the moment I found a way installing it on Kodi but it is a hassle and does not work well…

Aren’t you able to open up your My Cloud on your TV and view, listen and watch all of your media?

Have you read the User Manual for your TV?

Have you looked at the app Play On?

Thank you for your answer But I don’t really see what the user manual for my TV would have anything to do with my Amazon Fire TV.

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Aren’t you able to open up your My Cloud on your TV and view, listen and watch all of your media?

Have you read the User Manual for your TV?

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I don’t know anything about the Amazon Fire TV, but I do know about my My Cloud. Here is an image from my TV in my bedroom and how I use My Cloud with it. Because my BR TV is connected to my network by my Roku it has access to my My Cloud, same as my Smart TV in my living room.

What all is the Amazon Fire TV capable of doing. You may want to read the User Manual for it.

Can you not simply point your Fire TV stick at the MyCloud file server? i.e. tell whatever app you are using to browse pictures etc on your Prime account that you have a local file server?

You don’t need a special WD app to run on the Fire TV stick. MyCloud provides SMB file server and DLNA media server access. You just need an app that can access media via one of those protocols.

It’s entirely possible that the Amazon Fire TV stick, being essentially a media delivery portal, intended for pay-for-view/listen services, is a walled garden, and cannot be made to see anything outside the Amazon media delivery ecosystem.

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The Fire V is on the home network for picking up internet only; it cannot see a My Cloud or be seen by other devices. Kodi allows for detecting devices on network (turning the Fire TV TV into something like a WDTV media player) and works great on my Fire TVs, but one needs to be a bit geeky to use it correctly.

Thank you Mike, you’re getting my exact point

And thank you all for answering, I don’t really have a problem, it’s more a suggestion to WD to make their MyCloud app more user friendly on the Amazon Fire.

To answer the questions above :

I don’t have a smart TV, that is the reason why I have an Amazone Fire TV at the first place. I read the content of my EX2 Ultra through Kodi with it.
I have a Samsung phone and I’d like to watch my pictures automatically, I used to do it with Amazone Prime and the app is really nice, showing automatically the latest pics, albums and all. But since they changed their mind about the unlimited data plan, I got angry and set my WD server to host my photos instead. The problem is there is no good app to view the photos (not even Kodi), to install WD Cloud on the Fire TV, you need to install the mouse cursor app otherwise you won’t be able to even login and once this is done the app ins’t good in terms of UI for the Fire remote.

Yes I know everything is possible in IT, it’s just that I don’t want to be a geek to be able to watch my photos, it’s a small details that many other solution have solved, so please WD team, make your MYCLOUD app fully compatible with the Amazon Fire TV !


You do realise we’re not the WD team, right…?

You might post your request on the WD Cloud Ideas forum.

You might also ask Amazon to make their fire TV stick more open…

I use a generic android media box to get around some of these problems. But Amazon Prime doesn’t run on all generic android platforms… I think they expected me to buy an Amazon fire tablet just so I could run Amazon Prime, rather than use my perfectly good android tablet. It seemed a rather strange marketing strategy, so I gave up with Amazon Prime (this was during their early “unless you untick this tiny box when you buy something, we’ll sign you up to AP” period.

You might not be an official WD staff cpt_paranoia but, and just like to many of these “unofficial company forum”, there is the OFFICIAL WD logo on top of this forum and it is hosted on the OFFICIAL WD URL, so this place is just as good as any other to place my questions and remarks. So easy for company PR to hide behind and “unofficial forum”, move on please, this was early 2000, makes me think of Nokia Forums.

As for Amazon, I agree, it could be very easy to tell them : YOU DO IT better, but as it’s a competitor to WD in terms of cloud services, WD better wake up and make it themselves if they want to grab more people to use their services…
Same thing happened to Apple Maps compared to Google Maps… google made it better so iOS users chose google rather than mac on their iPhone.

There is also the problem that Amazon see WD cloud devices as competition for their cloud services. And, given that Amazon control what is available from the Amazon app store, it’s quite likely they wouldn’t allow a competitor’s app on the store.

As for the forum, I’m just trying to point out the realities to you; WD don’t get really read posts here, so you words will fall on deaf ears.

They do monitor the ideas forum in a more formal way, but very few ideas are taken up.

You are touching the point right there… and if I want to get rid of Amazon (still hate them so much for lying to me about the unlimited offer), I just might have to buy a Smart TV.

Anyway thank you for your suggestions and help. It’s always nice to have someone answer your questions 5 minutes after you posted it, especially when a company can’t do it by itself. :slight_smile:

Do you have a WD My Cloud or a My Cloud EX2 Ultra?

What type of TV do you have and have you thought of Miracast?


As mentioned, this is a user-to-user forum made public for us users by WD to discuss WD products and related issues.

Without going any deeper on this topic, I want to say that making the WD products or apps work with any product like Fire TV is not WD’s responsibility. This is like saying their products need to work with Apple products the way you may want them to. You are not “geeky” enough to fully understand what is going on here.

Kodi is not an official app for the Fire TV; Amazon does not approve it for their app store except in one instance, that app is called MrMC and it can be downloaded from the Amazon app store. It contains a special version of Kodi built-in that meets all the requirements of Amazon (such as it cannot be configured to do some of the “bad things” Kodi can be made to do, such as connect to media piracy websites_)

Kodi is an appropriate app for what you want to do with photos, but it is your responsibility to install and use it correctly.

Also a Smart TV is not going to solve your problem, so save your money on that. Devices like FireTV, Roku, and apps like Kodi can make your current TV “smart”.

If you have a Roku, it has a special Roku app that enables you to view your phone and tablet photos and videos directly on your TV. This is how I can see them, because I also have a Roku as well as a FireTV/with Kodi.installed.

Don’t blame WD (or any other company) for the problems and frustrations you are experiencing. Basically, this is all I am going to say on this anymore.

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As well as suggesting avoiding 'smart TV ', I might also suggest avoiding closed products like those.

The apps available on smart TVs are limited, and tend not to get updated.

Apps available on closed devices that are essentially media streaming service portals are also limited by their service vendors.

My preference is for a generic android media box, which has access to a wider range of apps from the play store. But may not support the commercial streaming services… That’s not a problem for me, as I don’t use them…

Streaming media is very big business, and they’re very protective of that business. So protective, they have very strong influences on national elections, via their media outlets…

Well, if you are referring to FireTV or Roku (and even Chromecast etc) and you do not have or use them, then I disagree. I have and use all three, and they work great alone and often together,and are no problem for me. Each has its own special attributes that I use and enjoy. I also have other gadgets like iPads, Kindle Fire tablets, WDTVs, Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home. I like all my toys – except maybe the Google casting ones; these devices are quite frustrating because casting is flaky and prone to crashing even though casting has had plenty of time to get the bugs out!

If you like buying toys, and have one of each, I’m sure it works well… I have one or two toys myself, but I prefer them to be as open as possible.

My comments really are about the limited app availability and closed nature of what they’re ‘allowed’ to use.

I did have a NowTV box for a while, as it was cheap, but, as an even more locked-down Roku, I found it frustrating. My parents now have it just for catch-up TV, for which is okay for the main UK channels. The little android media box connected to my dumb TV has all the apps I want, and they update regularly.

What make/model is your android box?

A cheap generic thing bought direct from China. Based on a Rockchip rk3188 processor, as used in the Tesco Hudl tablet (which I also have).

There are hundreds of these things to choose from, and they’re about £30.

9 times out of 10 these China no-name boxes are piracy boxes with poor upgrade support. Is this what you have?

I don’t know about the ‘piracy box’ bit. There are no illegal streaming add-ons, if that’s what you are referring to, and all apps are from the Google Play store. I bought them from Amazon… I don’t use any commercial streaming services, purchased or pirated; I have enough media sources to keep me more than busy.

There’s no Android update, but that doesn’t bother me; I haven’t yet found an app I can’t update. I’ve had it three years. I think I’ve had my money’s worth.

Can you access the Play app store via your Roku box or your FireTV box? That’s my real beef with those boxes.