My Cloud App for (Samsung) Smart TVs

For the Love of God, please do an App that allows My Cloud Owners to use their “My Cloud HDD” in their Smart TVs without the need of overcomplicated configurations. I am having a ton of trouble to see my movies in my TV because i cannot stream them directly from My Cloud, i have to manually connect the drive to the TV… its absurd.


The app already exists, it comes in the form of Twonky which you run on your MyCloud and it shows up on the TV, just browse the folders to find what you want to play.

See this thread for help in setting it up

Have you read the User Manual for your TV? Does it support connecting to a DLNA media server? If so simply use the app on the TV for accessing a network DLNA media server as the My Cloud uses Twonky media server as a DLNA media server.

That’s precisely my point. Why must I know how to install and configure complicated (and probably expensive) software in order to stream their family videos stored in their family NAS (My Cloud Home in my case) Instead of having an app from WD to do the connection and streaming? I am not an engineer and this remembers me of the 80’s and 90’s where i had to use DOS and configure the BIOS. It would even be great for WD to have an app because it would be free advertisement of their products in every single smart tv on the planet.


Why should WD create an app when your TV, if it supports DLNA, probably already has one included? Unless your smartTV uses Android or iOS as an operating system it would require WD to work with Samsung and other manufacturers to code specific apps for each manufacturer’s product. All of which costs time and money for both WD and the TV manufacturers. That’s why there is a standard like DLNA so TV manufacturers like Samsung can provide their own apps to access media servers like the My Cloud Home.

Since you have a My Cloud Home, you should see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home as this subforum is for a different product (single bay My Cloud) which has different features and options.

The My Cloud Home uses Plex. See the My Cloud Home User Manual ( more information on how to configure Plex. Also see the following WD Support article.

Like most other things one has to do a little bit of learning (reading their product manuals) and a little bit of work on their side to get two different manufacturer’s products to work together.

Dear Bennor,

Because that’s what distinguishes the best companies from the rest. I am not sure if my TV supports DLNA (what is DLNA?). Does the client has to have advanced technology knowledge? I am guessing that my tv does not support diretly DLNA because i cannot find my disk in the TV. I have a Samsung Smart TV Curve 4K HDR 55k 138cm.

From my TV I have direct access my computer (which was detected automatically), access spotify (installed the app), Amazon (installed the app), Netflix (installed the APP) … My point is precisely what you mention: why should WD invest money programming an app for Smart TVs? In my opinion: because it is a much better service to the client and because there are already 759 millions of Smart Tvs in the world (Number of connected TV sets worldwide 2010-2018 | Statista) which are owned mostly by people who don’t know what DLNA is or hot to configure Plownky. WD would not spend money programming an app, it would be investing in customer satisfaction and advertisement. I am just going to return my NAS and buy from a better brand. I hope you dont work for WD, it would be disastrous for the company to have that attitude.

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This is a user to user support forum. Just telling you the reality of the situation. What other NAS company makes a specific app for specific TV manufacturer? Synology, QNap other? Or are they like WD and make an app for iOS/Android and rely on the TV or other device to have a DLNA client app?

Haven you enabled DLNA through the My Cloud Home Plex setting?

It may be possible to add a Plex app to certain Samsung TV’s.

Generally how it works is one has to enable Plex or other DLNA media server on the NAS device (or device like the My Cloud Home). Then use the appropriate app on the smartTV, which is connected to the same local network as the NAS (or My Cloud Home device), to access media servers on the local network. It works this way for most smartTV’s, smart DVD/Blue-Ray players, for other devices like the Roku and similar devices.

If your TV does not support assessing a media server that is not the fault of WD or other NAS manufacturers. Rather a limitation of the TV itself. If that is the case one would have to use a third party product to stream content from a media server to the TV.

You are so clueless,and want to blame everything on anything but yourself. You did not buy a simple toaster, so you need to do some homework. Refer to the user manuals for your Home device (It is NOT a NAS) and the manual for your Smart TV. I also suggest you visit the WD Learning Center for the Home. While you are at it, find out what makes a TV “smart”. One thing is it can use the DLNA feature. (And, find out what DLNA means!)

If you return the Home for something else, you will still have the same issues, because you are hopelessly clueless and lazy to learn. Stop wasting our time in this forum.


I came here looking for answers to this issue and figured it out myself. You need to turn on Media streaming, see screenshot.

This is for my My Cloud Pro NAS PR2100 and PR4100, I’m sorry I can’t speak to other models since I’m learning NAS myself and don’t own the others.

Hi Mvgossman
I have just received my My Cloud and i cant find this App anywhere - can you tell me 1. What its name is and 2. Where i can download it from, please?


Totaly agree with 99.9999% percent of all smart tv users,
Samsung,Sony and so on should be ashamed of their stupidity of not at least having a decent media player that can can easily provide simple use of a built in app that caters for photo, video and music replay for home users.
I have two Samsung Smart (Dumb) tvs and a Sony all top of the range, i feel like throwing them all in the bin.

Mike, your type of attitude is the reason large copanies dont put any effort to design something that can just simply be used by all, i am a sound engineer , electronic technician, musician and have dealt with computers of all kind since they were invented and i totally agree with the comments made by all complaining with ease of use of smart tvs.
I have spent hours with Samsung and Sony help service regarding WD My Cloud to no results, i have three top of the range 85 inch smart tv all three are the dumbest tvs i have ever owned, my old smart tvs were much more user friendly and gave me more freedom to do what i wanted on them.
It is not asking too much in 2020 to have wireless access to ALL external devices , it is not asking to much to have USB ports easily accessable on the tvs so you dont have to have extender cables or remove the tv off the wall every time you need to plug in a drive.
Slide show capability software should be on all smart tvs, no excuses.
Sony you can manually access photos one at a time but you cant play music at the same time, absolute rubbish, Samsung is even worse you dont even get a simple app.
My next investment in tv will be the first brand that has worked all theses simple reguirements and presented them to me on a plate, i will no longer be looking at so called well known trusted brand names as they are not to be trusted any more. Its not like they cant make it happen its that they wont so you allways have to upgrage and spend more.

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Totally agree and feel exactly the same , Samsung, Sony, WD, get your ■■■■ together and give us a product that simply does what it prommised.
SMART TV my arse.

All my smart tvs at home support dlna. All I had to do was to turn any of them on, hit “source” on the remote and I could see my WD My Cloud Pr2100. From there it was just browse, select, and play.
Now after the firmware update it just disappeared from every single TV set.
I had no need for plex, twonky, or any other third party app.
Also, the My Cloud OS5 application cannot connect to any Chromecast. No option in “Open in”, “Share”, and no cast icon either in any of mine or my children devices. The OS3 app will not even connect to the cloud. (that was expected)
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Note that this subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud. If your My Cloud PR2100 was updated (via firmware) to OS5 then see the dedicated OS5 subforum for your device.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud units are not supported by OS5.

I purchased the My Cloud Home Duo to replace My Book Live which i had filled and had no more space. I thought ok, same company, it should be easy to transfer/copy from one device to the new device, but I was absolutely wrong. Then, I try to connect to my Samsung Smart TV, like My Book Live was working, and again, it did not work. On my Samsung Smart TV, I can easily view MY Book Live videos by selecting My Book Live as a source on My Samsung TV, but My Cloud Home Duo does not appear as a source. I also have a third server from NetGear with function perfectly on my Samsung TV as a source for videos. All four of these devices are on the same network, but I still cannot see My Cloud Home Duo. There is definitely something wrong here with the WD My Cloud Home Duo and WD needs to address this issue.

The My Cloud Home line of devices are different than the My Cloud line of devices. The My Cloud Home line uses a different operating system and has different features and options than the My Cloud line of devices.

If you want or need My Cloud Home Duo support see the dedicated subforum for that device were users more familiar with it may be able to assist.

My Cloud Home Duo

One should also see the WD Support page for the My Cloud Home Duo where they can find knowledgebase articles specific to that device and can find the setup instructions along with the User Manual for the My Cloud Home Duo.

WD Support: My Cloud Home Duo

Install VLC on Apple TV and no need for Plex.

OP indicated they were using a Samsung Smart TV not an Apple TV device. It will all depend on the smart TV or streaming device one has and what app(s) can be installed to it. For the record, Plex is not Twonky. The Twonky media server is included (free) on certain My Cloud devices (namely the OS3 single bay/single drive My Cloud devices that this subforum discusses).

Benno, You either are on the defensive for WD or seem to have a difficulty reading post. I clear stated My Book Duo Live and My Cloud Home Duo. I no where mentioned in my post mentioned My Cloud.


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