Does My Cloud work on Fire 2015?

Does the App work on the new Fire 2015 , it states it loaded but can not find!

Have you looked at the User Manual, Chapter Two> Requirements?


That’ll be the requirements page that doesn’t mention either Android or iOS, both supported by apps, or Windows XP, also supported, and mentioned throughout the manual, but does list Windows 10 which is not mentioned any further…? Or OSX El Capitan, mentioned once in a different compatibility list…

To the OP: if the Fire supports DLNA, you ought to be able to stream media to it from the MyCloud. If it supports SMB, or a file manager app that supports it, you should be able to access the MyCloud as a file server.

Have you enabled media streaming on the MyCloud ?

Can you access the MyCloud dashboard using a web browser?

You did not describe which “Fire” you have; Fire tablet, Fire Stick, Fire box? Also, lower tier Fire tablets could have an issue. I will say my Fire HD tablet (of maybe 2013) works fine with my My Cloud NAS, as well as my Fire Stick.

I have the new fire 2015! 7" , thank you for the quick response! I have a
duo with two 3TB drives.
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There is not a version of My Cloud app for the Kindle tablets, and I have to use the generic Android app (that seems OK for music, but not for video). So, I just don’t use the My Cloud app on my Kindles, instead I use the Kindle version of Avia which works great for music, photos and videos and (unlike the My Cloud app) also handles music playlists. Avia app is free; download from Amazon…

Thank you, Mike ! Avia worked great! Bill