Mybookliveduo not shown on network

It was working fine but I shut it down. Now Ive turned it back on and its not showing up on my network. Ive rebooted the router and computer, tried looking at the attached devices list on the router’but it’s not showing up anywhere.

What OS is your computer? Are we talking Windows, Mac, Linux? If Windows, do you have the WD software (Quick View, etc.) installed? It should help you to connect to, and map the My Book Live to a drive letter.

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Thanks for responding.

I’ve got windows 8 on my desktop and windows 7 on my laptop. Not showing up on either.

I have the wd software installed. It was working fine but I shut down it down yesterday because we were expecting bad weather and I figured if we had interupted power it might cause a problem. But how that I’ve turned everything back on its not showing up.

It’s back. I disconnected and reconnected all cables, rebooted my computer and the mybooklive duo. Not sure what it was that fixed it and I’d already done this once previously. Got to love computers!!!

Glad you got it working. I’m not sure why it was slow to reconnect, but combinations of computer gear can work in mysterious ways! You were certainly taking the safest course in having your gear offline if bad weather was likely.