MyBookLiveDuo connected to Ethernet socket on computer does not show MyBookLiveDuo in WD Quick View

My motherboard has 2 Ethernet ports, both Internet capable.  If I connect my router to either one of these ports, I can access the Internet.  Both of these ports are Gigabit capable.  If I connect MyBookLiveDuo to my router, WD Quick View shows entries for MyBookLiveDuo.

However, if I directly connect MyBookLiveDuo to either one of the Ethernet ports on my motherboard, I can not get WD Quick View to show entires for MyBookLiveDuo, even though the other Ethernet port is connected to my router.

As my router is only 10/100MBPS capable, and not Gigabit capable, I would prefer to connect MyBookLiveDuo directly to my motherboard’s Ethernet port, rather than to my router.

Can anyone tell me why connecting MyBookLiveDuo directly to my motherboard’s Ethernet ports prevent WD Quick View from showing entries for MyBookLiveDuo?

I wonder if you were to bridge the 2 network adapters it would work…

You would POSSIBLY have to set a static ip outside your routers dhcp range on the MyBookLive as well