\\MyBookLive is not reachable


I have just bought  WD mybook Live 3tb 2 days back, i connected it to my macbook , it works perfectly fine, whereas when i try to connect to my desktop which is running windows 7 , it is not working. I can access dashboard from win 7 but when i click on mybooklive under network, it takes couple of minutes and come up saying cannt connect to \mybooklive,

I already checked , i have workgroup as workgroup on win 7 and on mybooklive, when i click diagnose, the only error comes up is " mybooklive is available but not accepting remote connections"

I have disabled all firewall access on my pc and even made sure all file sharing is on.

I think thats the reason i cant map as well because its not connecting.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i have already searched so many forums and spent more than 10 hours trying everything.


Did you check the remote settings on the drive interface?  you can do that from the apple computer.

Also check to see if you have any firewall blocking the connection.

Make sure that the network settings on the computer are properly configure