Mybooklive DLNA serverquestion

I didn’t like the Twonky, was it ‘7’ (actually HATED it), and never needed the the MBL server until recently when I found myself without a Windows machine. I got by with the NAS Windows share to the WDTV. But I noticed I never got any files through the MBL dlna server. Every bit of my MBL setup looks fine to me.  I just figured out the only way it started working was when I re-enabled Wundows Media player and Windows file sharing which I prefer off. dAnd then my Android access devices are doi ng b etter that the WDTV accessing it for some reason.

Why does accessing MBL via dlna require that Media Streaming from another server be ON? I can access the NAS (smb) MBL server without them.

To answer my own question I had to unset the WORKGROUP setting on both the MBL and WDTV in order to see my MBL DLNA files anywhere ever again including back to where WMP and streaming is off.

I think I forgot about setting the WORKGROUP a while back as a trial and error to get WDTV to see NeroMediahome.  It didn;t help there (setting a bubbleupnp proxy fives those) or affect anything else, but the MBL I guess.

Kind of makes you wonder wht that setting is there to do?? Indeed if setting it to your network workgroup causes problems in mbl functioning.

I’m still a little worried! I d/l the WDTV app Win8.1 last night I couldn;t find the MyBooklive app I had heard about. But when I went in Win8 an hour ago tthe MyBooklive app was there! But in the middle of trying the MBL app it just stopped and an UNLICENSED USE window popped into my face. And the app ain’t there anymore. Was it that I unset the WORKGROUP that did this??? Shutting things off quickly could cause problems which I wouldn’t want to happen.