WD DLNA Issues (WD Media Server crashing)

I have a MyBookLive that works well for the most part, with DLNA being the only issue. When I check “Enable” for Media Streaming in the Media tab, I see the MBL show up on my SmartTV, BluRay player and Windows laptops. After a brief period, MBL no longer shows up. If I uncheck and then re-check this box, it will show up again. It feels like WD Media Server is crashing. I am not sure why or where to look for more information. I am sure my WD is using WD Media Server and NOT Twonky.

Any help is appreciated!


Hello, have you try setting a static IP address on the My Book Live? What is your network layout?

Yes, I have set a static IP to MBL. With respect to the network layout, the MBL device, my windows desktop/laptop are connected to the same router - Asus N66U (wired connection). My BluRay player is connected to the same router but via ethernet over power.

Do you know if there is a log file I can check in MBL that would give me some idea on why the DLNA/Media Server service/program is crashing?


If you click on the option that says support, you will an option see an option that says “Create and save system report”, this are the logs of the drive, however I do not know if or where to find the DLNA logs within this file.

I am having same issue. I should be able to use my blu ray player, my WD TV, or my WD TV LIve, to stream media from mybooklive. They are all recognizing “Twonky” then I can sometimes play media for a very short time, other times almost immediately, the media player loses contact with myworld book.

All have correct network settings as other stuff works (neflix, you tube…). Seems the myworld book connection times out or simply drops.

No idea why. Been struggling with this for three weeks.

Hi All.

I am also experiencing the same.

Can connect to MBL via laptops, but DLNA server seems to drop out about 10mins after a full restart.

The setup was working only a few weeks back with no real issues. Nothing has changed to the setup (that I am aware of), except more data added (now at 2.3TB used).

3Tb MBL Up to date firmware (June), Media Server Ver

I have noticed on the media page of the UI, under Media Streaming, the media players listed do not list, or refresh, to currently available network IP’s that can play stuff, but am not sure if this is important.

Would love a suggestion to fix this.

Same problem here…I start streaming from my MBL using PLEX, Windows Media Player, iTunes or whatever and it seems to overwhelm the device and it just locks up, drops connection from the network. I am forced to reboot the device to get it to appear on any of my networked Windows computers or TV’s. This is really puzzling since I have GB connections everywhere and good performance over my home network

I can only conclude this device is not suitable for the advertised uses.

What version of Twonky is installed now by default in the My Book Live? I bought this drive almost 4 years ago, and it came with 5.1 I think.

It worked quite poorly. Not as bad as you say, it just did not show subtitles, didn’t stream MKV, etc… I ended up paying 15 euros to buy a newer license for Twonky server, and updated it myself following this guide: http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/forum/t-459592

There was a trial period of 30 days, so you can test if that works better for you before deciding whether to pay for it or not