MyBookLive-Creating a Safe Point

In the past I haven’t created a safepoint (i haven’t heard about it) and used to create back up CDs from time to time.
One fine day My Book Home crashed.
Then I purchased a MYBOOK LIVE and a MY CLOUD.
My office data is stored in MyBookLive and safepoint is in MY CLOUD.
Daily I get error messages saying updating safepoint has failed.
Now I purchased ONEDRIVE storage.
Unfortunately I cannot create a safepoint on ONEDRIVE.
The next option for me is to create a safepoint on my Local PC and then sync it with one drive.
This way I will be able to secure my data in 3 or 4 places. MYBOOK LIVE, CLOUD, PC and ONE DRIVE.
Unfortunately, when I try to create a safepoint on my local PC it says its locked and ask for the username and password.
I went to the folder properties and removed the restriction on sharing the folder, but still it asks for the password and the folder is shown with a locked icon.
Can any one help me to create a safepoint on my local computer?


Please refer to the following KBA article: