My Book Live With My Book World; Safepoints

I cant get my 3tb MBL to create a sharepoint on my 1tb MBW. There is only about 400Mb currently in use on the MBL.


You mean a safe point? If yes, are you getting any specific error?

Yes, I mean Safepoint, sorry.

This is the error I am receiving:

36102 - Your safepoint could not be created due to a failed request. Please try creating your safepoint again.

I realized my old 1TB My Book World would not work as a safepoint for my new My Book Live.

So, I ordered another my book world live so I can have second backup on the same network, but in a different physical location. I like the Duo, but I wanted to keep the drives as seperate as possible. This included seperate physical locations, seperate power supplies and power circuits, as well as seperate gigabit ethernet connections.

Now the question is should I use one MBL as the main cloud drive, and create a safepoint on the second MBL?

Or, should I just backup all data to both drives and only allow the main MBL to connect to the internet and support my cloud? Basically one MBL connected to the internet and one MBL only connected to my local intranet, but they both contain the same information in case one fails.


Currently, the MBL will allow you to create the Safepoint within the same network. Not on a remote address.

Please note that is always recommended to keep at least two versions of your files in case that one fails. That’s the real meaning of a backup.