MyBookLive 3TB driver problem

My new MyBookLive 3TB shows an exclamation mark [yellow triangle] in Devices and Printers Control Panel and in the Device Manager under Disk drives.

Troubleshooting [Windows 8] points out to a driver problem but is unable to fix it.

Any suggestion, please.

If the drive is working forget about the drivers

Well, the drive is working but; I feel that it has some problems which are not explained in the user manual. This is why I am looking for a solution or an improvement.

These are the problems:

 - the blinking green light seems to never go away, the drive is spinning [no data transfer occurs, PC is shut down]

 - the drive is hot, too hot I feel [go to sleep is enabled but not used by my drive]

 - the drive sends me a silly message: “Event title:???”,  “Event description:???”



This issues are not related to the drivers

what firmware are you running on the MBL?

Firmware version is: MyBookLive 02.32.06-006 : Core F/W

WD Support responded to my direct query advising me to disregard the message about a driver that failed and that this type of issue will be handled in future firmware updates.

{the My Book is connected to the router and the computer sees it through the network}

Regarding “hot” unit; I was told to run the Diagnostic Full Test and submit to them.


MyBookLive 3TB has settled down, seems to be working just fine.

The one aspect I do not understand is why the drive is hot when sleeping for many hours on blue light? [nothing blocks air flow around the drive, no direct sunlight]