I currently have a 2 TB MYBOOK LIVE on a windows 7 pc.  The first part of next year I am going to be getting a MAC with OS 10 (the Latest), and have a couple of questions.

First will I be able to configure and read files that are located on the MYBOOK LIVE?

Secondly, can I write to it from both the windows 7 PC and a Mac with the latest OS?  Or will I have to set up a separate partition and point the mac at that partition?

Thanks in advance.

NAS drives work with both platforms with no problem

no way to partition the drive but is not necessary


Hi all!

I have MBL too and since the beginning i have had problems with Lion while with Win everything all worked right. Problem I have are:

  1. MBL is very slow to repond with files and folders contained onto a share
  2. I’m unable to upgrade firmware because it seems the internet connection is not available.

WD sent me another MBL but unable to upgrade fw and copy files onto due to the error too: 

The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50). this error is displayed after a few seconds from starting copy.

actions done by me and togher WD:

reset to factory settings

set router to open ports 8080, 80, 443

reset fw with the following procedure:

Please help me! :cry: