My Book Live PC and Mac at same time

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase the WD My Book Live.  I understand that it is compatible with PC and with MAC.  However, I was unable to find information anywhere specifiying that it was compatible with using both PC and Mac at the same time.  Do I have to format the hard drive with the correct file system to use with either the PC or Mac, or does it work with both PC and Mac out of the box and at the same time?  I have an environment that has both Macs and PC’s and I want all users regardless of computer type to be able to access the NAS drive.  Also, what file system does the My Book Live use by default.  As far as I was aware, FAT32 was the only file system that both PC and Mac could read and write to.  Unfortunetly the file size limit of 4 GB is too small for my situation, so I was hoping that it was using something else. 

I got impatient and just called WD Presales department.  In case anyone else was wondering, the WD Live uses the EXT3 file system.  The PC and MAC can access the file system via the SMB protocol.  In other words, YES, both PC and MAC can access the hard drive at the same time.