Can Mac & PC both use the same windows files stored on WD MBL when MBL is NTFS not FAT32?

I am new to this product. I have an old windows laptop (with office) and want to copy those windows data files to my new WD 2TB MBL, then to purchase a new Mac Air with MS office for Mac, then copy back some of those original windows files to the MAC Air.

Please clarify for me, Is this possible with the MBL?

I was told by the Apple Genius guys in Reno that I would need a FAT32 disk drive so my files could be read by both MAC and PC, but this drive is NTFS.

Is this going to be a problem, where my new MAC with Office won’t be able to read the old windows files?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The My Book Live uses ext3, not NTFS, and either way it doesn’t matter since it’s a NAS and not a USB drive that you connect directly to the computer.

In short, the My Book Live functions with both OS X and Windows, there are no problems here.

Thank you very much. I am re-assured.