MyBookLive in PC AND Mac network?


I am pretty new to this topic so please excuse if this is very simple…

I own

  • an older PC (Win XP) which is used by my kids for video editing, etc.

  • a new iMac which I use for everything including videos

  • a Western Digital My Book Home Edition 1000 GB (currently attached to iMac)

and a new Western Digital My Book Live 2TB NAS.

Now, I want to use the MBL for BOTH iMac AND PC.

So far, I have installed the MBL from iMac and it seems to work but in iMovie09 the drive is visible but not accepted (yellow “!”).

My questions:

  1. Is this possible?

1.a. If so, how should I configure, format, etc. the drive?

1.b. From iMac, or from PC?

I really appreciate your advice.

Thanks a lot!

The Nas drives dont need to be reformated, they should work in both windows and in mac, but you will need to map the drive in each one of the computers in order to be able to use it

Okay, thanks.

However, what may be the reason why I cannot use the drive in iMovie09?

I already see MBL in OSX Finder under “Shared”

Thanks, again