MyBook Live - WD Quick View not working with Windows 10

I have a MyBook Live and I’m having trouble finding WD Quick View for Windows 10. The one I found wasn’t clearly marked for my device and it is not working. Anyone have this issue or know of a work around? Or a clear link to the WD Quick View for Windows 10? The download page is very confusing as it doesn’t address older devices very well. is what’s downloaded from the My Book Live support page, and that’s the same version as the newer NAS models as well, which suggests to me that it SHOULD work.

My installed version is 2.4.10 but that’s it, it doesn’t give a version after such as ‘7’. This was from the support page. It works on my Windows 7 PC but not Windows 10 so I know it’s not the MyBookLive device itself. Thanks for responding, it’s more than I can say for WD Support who just asks more questions and provides links to FAQ instead of actually doing any troubleshooting.