MyBook Duo Raid01 max 130mb/s

Hey Guys,
I’ve heard and seen that the MyBook Duo can reach up to 210mb/s in Raid01 config.
But mine only reaches max 130mb/s, I’ve already tried different cables and different USB Ports, but the Results were the same.
I’ve also heard that that could be the cause of not the right drivers, is that correct? or could it be that just my Unit is “broken”?

I have the Asus Z170-A Motherboard and an additional PCI USB 3.0 Card (dont know the Brand exactly) I just installed the newest USB Drivers for the Z170-A but I have the feeling that made it even worse (at least for my small external SSD)

The read/write speed of the drive usually depends upon the processes running on your computer with which the device is connected. If your computer is running the maintenance programs or the services in the background, it may reduce the drive performance because computer’s CPU is already occupied and performing upto the mark.

Moreover, if you have anti-virus running on your computer, it may be performing the scanning operation on each file while transferring it to the drive or vice-versa. Due to which, you might be getting the maximum speed upto 130mb/s.