6TB My Book Duo Raid 0 direct attached - very slow

The My Book Duo is connected directly on USB 3 to my high spec Windows 10 machine. It is VERY slow to access. In Premiere Pro CC, even a simple single camera project sits and waits for media to load before I can start work. A 4K project or multi-camera project are unworkable. Previously I have been using G-Technology drives and been vey happy, even with 10 tracks of video. Why is the My Book so slow for a RAID 0 setup? This is advertised as an 'up to 290MB/S drive.


Can you please provide the model number of the drive? Have you tried using a different cable?

Also, are you able to test the drive using the WD DLG tool? If yes, please do that.

I have used a third party test tool Performance Test 8.0 that sees the Duo, but WD DLG does not see the drive.
My backup WD Elements drive show in both the physical and logical drive lists.My Book Duo only appears in the Logical bit not the Physical list.
The drive can be seen and accessed in Windows Explorer
The DUO is the 6TB version. Serial Number [Deleted]
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I am having the same issue. How can I fix it?

BTW, If I switched to RAID-1, everything is fine. It seems RAID-0 is related to this issue.