My Book Duo (USB 3.0) transfers very slow (<5MB/S)


My Book Duo (USB 3.0) transfers very slow (<10MB/S) when connected to laptops USB 3.0. For example, I transferred a 20GB directory to WD My Book from my laptop (transferring around 10 MB/s). Very disappointing since my Seagate (USB 2.0) is transferring about 30 MB/s. Was really excited to get this RAID system, but don’t understand the slow transfer speeds.

The Seagate is connected to the WD Duo USB 3.0 Port so both are using the same cables.

Any ideas why I would be seeing such slow transfer rates on the WD USB 3.0 Duo?


If other devices behave faster and you have tried different computers, then I’d recommend replacing your unir’s USB cable as a first step, and then proceeding to run a diagnostic test using WD Drive Utilities. If the unit passes the tests (SMART test and Extended test) then rebuild your unit’s RAID mode since it could be degraded.

if it fails either test with a different USB cable then the unit would be at fault and should be replaced under warranty.

Ran the Drive Status and Quick Drive test and both passed in the utilities software. What do you mean by the SMART test and Extended test? Also, Rebuilding the drive do you mean doing a reconfigure of the drive?