Mybook Drive won't power up need help

Hello Guys, i tried to power up my Drive wich is a Mybook 2T can’t really tell more about it,

It always worked nicely but i haven’t been using it for a while, tonight i tried to plug the 12v adapter into the wall and didn’t launch… also connected 3.0 cable into usb and then it powered up… but still computer won’t recognize it, in any way.

So i was going to get a new adapter as soon as i can… i tried to look up into web and or search site but couldn’t find anything…

Anyone had problems simillar ?

Thanks for your help!!

12 Volts, 1.5 Amps,18 Watts


sounds weird tho that it power up when i plug data cable… but still pc won’t recognize it …

Yes. Mine worked fine for a few years. I saved all my important files on it.
Suddenly it did not power up. The tiny light on it flickers on and off once when
plugged in, that’s it. It has never been dropped or subject to any accident
or abuse. Now I see no options except pay a huge amount for “data recovery”.

Does anyone have a better solution? Please let me know. Thank you.

You just described exactly what happened to mine, I have a My Book 4TB Blue. I noticed one day the light wasn’t on. I check the outlet, made sure every thing was plugged in, and it was.
I tried accessing My Book from my PC, no luck. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and noticed the light flicker, but it would not stay on. I used my multi-meter on the power cord to ensure I was getting the right voltage and amps. It turn out that it is good. So, I did a little searching online for possible issues with My Books. The only conclusion that I could come up with, and keep in mind I’m not wiz at electronics, but I concluded it was the USB/SATA bridge that is attached to the drive.
Sense I am out of warranty anyhow I took the drive out of the case and attached it to my PC, as you would any hard drive. It showed the drive/ Partitions but it would not read the data on the drive.

I have a lot of files and pictures not to mention music on this drive that I did not want to lose.
Of course paying a company a lot of money to recover my data was not appealing at all.
I did how ever find a solution to recovering my data, now I have read that WD encrypts the data on there drives, which is why the drive/ partition showed up but could not read the data.
To make a long story short here is the solution to recover your data. I downloaded a free tool called “MiniTool Power Data Recovery” The free download will recovery all the data, BUT it will only be allowed you to save 1GB of this data. I used the free download just to see if it would work and it did. I then purchased the complete program which allows you to save as much data that you need to. It coast about 70 bucks, to me that was worth it.
Yes I recovered all of the data that was on My Book. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do with my 4TB drive.
One last thing, It took about 6 hours to scan my drive.

Thanks much for your reply. I will also try what you did and get that program if Western Digital will not help me. I sent them an email about it, without a warranty, and I got a reply from the “Level 2” support to make an appointment on phone. I’ll let you know what happens.

Mine did the same thing. I’ve only plugged mine in 4 or 5 times to load it because it was my backup. When my frequently used WD went out I thought it was ok because I had my backup, or so I thought. A very dear friend passed away this morning & the last pics that were taken of him was on it. I’m going to try the data recovery.

I don’t know whether my answer is still useful for you now. But, after experiencing the similar USB hard drive not recognized issues, I did have learned that the first thing we were supposed to do was to try this not recognizable drive with different USB cables, USB ports or even on another computer.
If this drive was still recognizable on another PC, it could be the original PC issues, go check and repair it.
And, no matter what type of drive problems you do have received with this not recognizable drive, like not formatted or RAW drive errors or the likes, before any format, you are also supposed to rescue lost drive data with data recovery software, especially some free data recovery software online, including
free Recuva (fast and easy)
100% freeware iCare Data Recovery Free (free and good)
TestDisk (free and difficult to operate for me)
And PC Inspector, etc
Hope my words can give anyone there useful clues.